Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mason's Train

So I haven't been so on top of this blog lately and I am sorry! I have been getting things ready for Christmas and the new baby. Mason is a Jan. baby and for his first Christmas he was almost a year old. Jason really wanted to buy him his "OWN" train. So we spent a ton of money to buy him this train that hopefully he will still have as a grown-up. Each year we go down to the train station and buy a new piece for the train. Last year he got a really neat car with a light on top the spins around when the train is moving. This year Jason wants to try and find him one with a piece of construction equipment on it. Anyways when we bought this train we were told... Never store a train in an attic!! So this train stays in Jason's closet all year long and Mason knows what is in the orange box. Every time Mason happens to be in the room when Jason is getting ready he wants to know if we can put the train together. This year he was thrilled when Jason pulled the orange box out of the closet. Jas even let Mason pick the order of the train which was so fun for him. Yes we are a little early this year but I am not sure if i had waited any long i wouldn't have been able to fit behind the tree to decorate it:) I absolutely love this tradition Jason has started for Mason!

Mason giving his Daddy a huge for getting the train out and running!!

Our little town under the tree. Oops I forgot the tree skirt this year.

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