Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am back

It has been forever since i have posted.  Life has been very busy so i will try to catch you up to speed.  Mason started soccer a few weeks ago.  He practices twice a week and has games on Saturday.  He likes going most of the time and does good at practice but when it comes to the game he freezes up.  He is great at kicking the ball from the sidelines but other than that unless it comes right to him forget about him chasing it..haha.  He did score his first goal last week, with a kick from the side lines.  Nevertheless we were very proud of him!  i am pretty sure his favorite part is the snack :) 
I have also opened an etsy site with some things i have been making.. check it out at  It is fun to sell that stuff i make but very time consuming to post it all.  I have also started major couponing (if thats even a word)  i have cut our grocery bill by a ton!!  It does take a long time to get everything together and to grocery store hop for the best prices but when you pay 50.00 and it should have been makes it totally worth it!! 
Promise not to wait as long to post again and will have some pics to post of my kids in there cute st. paddy's day outfits.