Thursday, February 25, 2010

And what do you do on the holidays???

For the last 16 years my mother has owned a florist. Everyone thinks flowers are fun and so glorious to work with, however, there is a very nasty side to working with flowers. The end results are nice and pretty but its a mess to get to that point. Anyways I have never been officially taught how to arrange flowers but I think being in a flower shop for 16 years completely out ranks in class or two that you could take. So my question is...and what do you do on the holidays??? I spend each and every holiday (except Halloween) working in a flower shop! Yes it can be fun but there is something to be said for enjoying your family time at home:) So here are just a couple of arrangements some lucky ladies got on V-day. PS. support your local mom and pop shops the economy is really bad out there and they are some of the only places you still get actual SERVICE!

Mason's 3rd Birthday...CARS

So we finally had Mason's birthday party. We only had to cancel it twice due to snow:) Mason's granddaddy gish was a huge help at making this party so unique. He did a wonderful job making the play street signs and constructing the box cars. So thank you thank you granddaddy gish! This is a party Mason will remember for a very long time!!

A ton of Mason's birthday pics and completely out of order....but enjoy anyways:)

The big race:)

Mason kept asking for a pinata for him party, how could I say no

My babies

A few updated pics of the little ones!!!! Just love these two so much!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh the Strawberries

My favorite page of all....i just love this pic!!!!!

Our 4th Anniversary, Nags Head

A few more

Here are a few more

One of the first times i left Mason at home with Jason this is what i came home to. While Jason was putting the trash on the street Mason was standing on the curb, he had just really learned to walk, well i really don't know the rest of the story but i think this says it all.

Mason's first fathers day in Nags Head

Nags Head

Mason's first haircut, sorry its sideways

first trip to snowshoe, first year i was actually scared to ski. I grew up skiing but this time all i could think about was how bad it would suck to take care of a baby with a broken arm or leg.. so i decided to take it a little easy when i was half way down a black diamond....yes i climbed back up to the top:)

In need of some inspiration

With baby #2 here life can be very overwhelming at times. I feel like I constantly say "in a minute, or after I get done feeding Khloe" all day long to mason. It is a constant battle within myself to make sure I am spending as much time with Mason as possible. I have been including him in on more daily routines lately, he loves to help me cook especially when he gets to pour the ingredients in the bowl. He is also pretty good at helping me do the laundry...well not the folding part but he tries!! I know with a little time things will get easier but til then i just keep reminding myself i am doing the best i can, if only i had a maid to keep the house together my problems would be solved!! Well with two kids comes a feeling of "needing a break" a little more often. Doing something crafty has always been my escape or sanity. It is what I truly love to do for myself, however, I am so tired i am having a hard time being creative when i do get a minute. I have been going through some old scrapbook pages for some much needed inspiration. Plus i spend a lot of time working on these pages and I never show them to anyone beyond my mother, mother-in-law and husband becuase my craft room is always such a mess, so I thought I would share a few.

Found this clear sticker at a local scrapbook store, it is really neat. It has top movies and actors, the price of gas and basic foods, the president other important people, and top news stories of 2007, the year Mason was born. How neat will it be when he is much much older to look back and see these facts (also a pic from the hospital).
I was able to find these stickers for the year i was born and his daddy...just haven't gotten around to doing anything with them yet.

2008 Halloween

Some bath time fun

Pregnant with Mason

You can't read the story in the pic, its at the bottom, but I was on the phone with Jason's aunt around 11pm. Mason had found a bag with a few pieces of chocolate in it. You must first know that this kid LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEESSSS chocolate but he calls it CHOC. He came into the computer room looking like this. Yes it was 11pm. He was so happy but most of all he liked the sound his hands made as he squished them together. He was a mess to clean up but not as much of a mess as my couch:)