Thursday, February 25, 2010

And what do you do on the holidays???

For the last 16 years my mother has owned a florist. Everyone thinks flowers are fun and so glorious to work with, however, there is a very nasty side to working with flowers. The end results are nice and pretty but its a mess to get to that point. Anyways I have never been officially taught how to arrange flowers but I think being in a flower shop for 16 years completely out ranks in class or two that you could take. So my question is...and what do you do on the holidays??? I spend each and every holiday (except Halloween) working in a flower shop! Yes it can be fun but there is something to be said for enjoying your family time at home:) So here are just a couple of arrangements some lucky ladies got on V-day. PS. support your local mom and pop shops the economy is really bad out there and they are some of the only places you still get actual SERVICE!

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