Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 Weeks

Yesterday it really hit me when I had to wash all of the baby's new clothes. WE HAVE 3 WEEKS LEFT!! The new baby will be here in 3 weeks and I feel I still have sooooo much to do, yet so much of it is out of my hands!! I hate the fact I don't have a nursery to have ready but I know it's a project in the works, yet sometimes deep breaths are needed to cope :) If Jason would just agree or give an okay to a baby name that may just make me feel a little better!! She will be here sooooo soon and we are excited to meet her.

Almost There!!

And the upstairs continues!! Jason and his father have been working sooo hard on the upstairs. Every weekend and each night during the week. I think when it is done Jason may sleep for a week straight!! The trim around the floor, windows, and doors took along time, but now the floors are going down:) Last night they finished the floors and trim in the green room which is where the kids will sleep for now. As soon as the touch up painting is done I will be able to start getting things ready in that room. Wow this has been such a long project and we are getting so close to being done. I have to say my hubby is a wonderful and very talented man!!

More Quiet Book Pages

Why do these pages keep coming out sideways?? Here are the latest pages for Mason's quiet book. The red truck he calls Papa's truck. He can change the wheels and they are stored inside the green pocket.

This page is a lot of fun. I hope to add some more items to it soon, but for now there are plenty of things to change around and make funny faces with.

One of the funny faces

This page goes beside the mailbox pages with a notepad and a pencil for writing with. I have a few more pages in the works, just not sure if they will get done before Baby Girl gets here:)

Rag Doll

Found this little doll on the Internet and just had to try and make her. Since this is my first one she will be for Baby Girl. She is also special because when my mom bought me the sewing machine she gave me my great grandmothers sewing box, which was still full of her stuff. Most of it was trash but i did save all the buttons and lace that were in it. This doll is made with the buttons and lace I found inside the box, which means i will never be able to get rid of her:) She isn't stuffed all the way, but you get the idea. I just loved the little shoes! What a great Christmas idea for a little girl.

Kendall Turns 21

Yeah, Kendall finally turns 21. A ton of family went to Olive Garden this past Sunday for Kendall's 21st birthday. Here she is happy as can be with a drink in her hand:)

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sleep Over

This past Saturday Lins hosted 11 of our pledge sisters at her house. Girls can from northern Virginia, Richmond, and this area. We had a great turnout and sooo much fun. Everyone stayed the night. What fun it was to not only catch up with everyone but to remember soo many good times we shared pledging and being sisters throughout college. I can not wait to do this again, hopefully much sooner!!

Frog Mobile

So I made this mobile for a friend. She isn't finding out the sex of her baby so her nursery is in frogs and dragonflies. I had seen something similar to this on the Internet for sale for 60 dollars. I loved it and wanted to make one for Baby Girls Room. I had to stop working on Baby Girls to make this one in order to have it ready for the shower. I am happy with the final results and I hope she enjoys it as well!

Mason's Train

So I haven't been so on top of this blog lately and I am sorry! I have been getting things ready for Christmas and the new baby. Mason is a Jan. baby and for his first Christmas he was almost a year old. Jason really wanted to buy him his "OWN" train. So we spent a ton of money to buy him this train that hopefully he will still have as a grown-up. Each year we go down to the train station and buy a new piece for the train. Last year he got a really neat car with a light on top the spins around when the train is moving. This year Jason wants to try and find him one with a piece of construction equipment on it. Anyways when we bought this train we were told... Never store a train in an attic!! So this train stays in Jason's closet all year long and Mason knows what is in the orange box. Every time Mason happens to be in the room when Jason is getting ready he wants to know if we can put the train together. This year he was thrilled when Jason pulled the orange box out of the closet. Jas even let Mason pick the order of the train which was so fun for him. Yes we are a little early this year but I am not sure if i had waited any long i wouldn't have been able to fit behind the tree to decorate it:) I absolutely love this tradition Jason has started for Mason!

Mason giving his Daddy a huge for getting the train out and running!!

Our little town under the tree. Oops I forgot the tree skirt this year.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mason's Quiet Book

I have a passion for crafty things. While checking out some blogs online I ran into several crafty ladies who had made quiet books. I remembered my youngest brother having a book similar to these that my great grandmother had made him. The idea behind these is the child can play with them during a time when they may not have other toys such as church, plane rides, car trips, ect. and learn a little something. I have never sewed before...well okay i think i made a pillow or something in 7th grade...but besides that I have always had my mom to do the sewing. She purchased a new machine a few years ago and gave me her old one...i have been wanting to learn so i pulled it out. Well i know why she had bought a new one..I was ready to give up sewing before i even started...it did not work worth anything. So she bought me an early Christmas present and now i can toss that old one. I love the machine it's sooo easy to work with, keep in mind i have no idea what i am doing either. Anyways below is the book i have been working on. Mason had already played with most of the pages before i had all the pieces sewed on. Page one is his name. He can pull the letter on and off. Hopefully he will learn how to spell his name (I did have first grades who had difficulty spelling their first and last names).

Page 2 The Flower Pot, hopefully this will help him learn to use buttons. He tried so hard last night to do this page but still has a ways to go. Hopefully with some practice he wont be one of the many kids who can't button their pants in elementary school.

Page 3: Colors This is Mason favorite page so far. He has done this a dozen times already. He has to match the crayon to the tip on the page. But to make it a little more advanced I also used Velcro on the color names so they will come off and he can learn to read them. This page took forever!! But it is worth it since he loves it so much.

Page 4: The Mailbox, I did find this pattern on one of my favorite blogs Homemade by Jill. I do wish i would have made it so the mailbox front would open and close but oh well. The mail goes in and out. We have a blank letter for daddy to write on.

Page 5: Paper and Pen, Sorry the picture is turned. I also found this idea on goggle images (not sure who's blog). It isn't finished yet but when it is it will be next to the mailbox and will hold pens and paper for writing and stuffing into the mailbox. I am sure this will be a favorite of Mason's also. Lots of work to do still and i have to get them together in a book format but hopefully this is something i can continue to add to as he grows. And what a prefect project to learn to sew on! Thanks mom!

Baby Shower

This past weekend 2 of my best friends from college threw me a baby shower. I know "back in the day" you only had a baby shower for your first child (so I have been told by everyone over 40) but my girlfriends wanted to throw me a small girly baby shower since Mason's shower was for couples and it was big, outside, and a pig-picking. Like i said this was a girly one! We had a great time and lots of friends and family showed up. I didn't walk around with my camera during the shower so hopefully people will send me some more pics to post. Below is the diaper cake my mom made me. Yes it is diapers all the way through! Thanks to everyone that came out and helped me prepare for this little girl who will be here in 5 weeks!! And a big thanks to Lins and Kim for throwing the shower!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Girl's first scrapbook page

By this time when I was pregnant with Mason I had 2 full scrapbooks ready to just add pictures. This unfortunately isn't the case this time. I have found myself trying to get everything scrapbooked from the last year or so that I haven't had time to do like holidays and vacations. But last night I decided to stop and work with some of the new little girl stuff I have been picking up. The picture doesn't do justice for the colors of the striped paper, but I fell in love with it. The bird at the bottom is the theme for her nursery (I say her because she doesn't have a name yet) Anyways it was fun to take a break from the pictures i feel i "must scrap" and be creative with my new little girl stuff!

Easy Fall Crafts

Trying to stay inside as much as possible to avoid the H1N1 can get a little boring at times. So we have been trying to stay busy doing things at home. Mason loves to glue, but i am out of glue sticks which made the pumpkin project with Elmer's old fashion glue very sticky!! He loved it though and I was very impressed with how good he did (with a little assistance). The boo feet below has to be one of my favorites! The eyes are his pointer finger and the mouth is his thumb. I found this idea on the internet and it was sooooo easy. We made one for each set of grandparents and they loved them:) Now we have to do turkey handprints to go with the feet!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Night

The night before Halloween Mason asked what his sister was going to be for Halloween. So I had to be creative at the last minute and this is what I came up with. A few days before Halloween Mason decided he wanted to be a ghost, so my mom pulled out Michael's costume from 24 years ago, cleaned it and he was happy as could be. He had a hard time walking with the face part on so it came off after the second house and he looked more like a choir boy...hehe. He had a great time and looked cute as could be:)