Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mason's Quiet Book

I have a passion for crafty things. While checking out some blogs online I ran into several crafty ladies who had made quiet books. I remembered my youngest brother having a book similar to these that my great grandmother had made him. The idea behind these is the child can play with them during a time when they may not have other toys such as church, plane rides, car trips, ect. and learn a little something. I have never sewed before...well okay i think i made a pillow or something in 7th grade...but besides that I have always had my mom to do the sewing. She purchased a new machine a few years ago and gave me her old one...i have been wanting to learn so i pulled it out. Well i know why she had bought a new one..I was ready to give up sewing before i even started...it did not work worth anything. So she bought me an early Christmas present and now i can toss that old one. I love the machine it's sooo easy to work with, keep in mind i have no idea what i am doing either. Anyways below is the book i have been working on. Mason had already played with most of the pages before i had all the pieces sewed on. Page one is his name. He can pull the letter on and off. Hopefully he will learn how to spell his name (I did have first grades who had difficulty spelling their first and last names).

Page 2 The Flower Pot, hopefully this will help him learn to use buttons. He tried so hard last night to do this page but still has a ways to go. Hopefully with some practice he wont be one of the many kids who can't button their pants in elementary school.

Page 3: Colors This is Mason favorite page so far. He has done this a dozen times already. He has to match the crayon to the tip on the page. But to make it a little more advanced I also used Velcro on the color names so they will come off and he can learn to read them. This page took forever!! But it is worth it since he loves it so much.

Page 4: The Mailbox, I did find this pattern on one of my favorite blogs Homemade by Jill. I do wish i would have made it so the mailbox front would open and close but oh well. The mail goes in and out. We have a blank letter for daddy to write on.

Page 5: Paper and Pen, Sorry the picture is turned. I also found this idea on goggle images (not sure who's blog). It isn't finished yet but when it is it will be next to the mailbox and will hold pens and paper for writing and stuffing into the mailbox. I am sure this will be a favorite of Mason's also. Lots of work to do still and i have to get them together in a book format but hopefully this is something i can continue to add to as he grows. And what a prefect project to learn to sew on! Thanks mom!


  1. jpjtchr2b@cox.net (Jennifer Johnson)November 10, 2009 at 10:05 PM

    Would you consider selling them? That is a fabulous idea - I teach preschool and it's perfect.

  2. Love it :). Brodie may need one...wonder if I should pull out the sewing machine?...LOL

  3. Thanks, but I don't think I could make more to sell, they take a very long time and with baby #2 coming in 4 weeks, time is something I don't think i will have enough of. But I am sure someone sells them somewhere on line.

  4. I am currently in the process of looking at patterns for making my son a quiet book... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colors page. I have looked at many many pages for a quiet book and that is a one of a kind (well, until I use it too!!!)

  5. I love the color page. It's very clever. Great idea

  6. I love the color page. It's very clever. Great idea