Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Shower

This past weekend 2 of my best friends from college threw me a baby shower. I know "back in the day" you only had a baby shower for your first child (so I have been told by everyone over 40) but my girlfriends wanted to throw me a small girly baby shower since Mason's shower was for couples and it was big, outside, and a pig-picking. Like i said this was a girly one! We had a great time and lots of friends and family showed up. I didn't walk around with my camera during the shower so hopefully people will send me some more pics to post. Below is the diaper cake my mom made me. Yes it is diapers all the way through! Thanks to everyone that came out and helped me prepare for this little girl who will be here in 5 weeks!! And a big thanks to Lins and Kim for throwing the shower!

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