Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Down the Drain They Go!!!!

For those who have been to our house in the last 6-7 years would know we have a 72 gallon saltwater tank. Okay so it wasn't looking its best the past few months, we were a little busy, but nevertheless the fish were healthy. We started this tank years ago and took our time adding fish into it because they are so expensive to purchase and they get stressed out so easily. Well in August, right before our family vacation, our pump of 6 years started making a funny noise. So, we decided we should replace it to prevent it from dieing while we were gone. Well it sucks we were the ones to pick that particular pump off the shelf, because on Monday morning at 5:30, while i was feeding the baby, i smelled this awful smell. When Jason got up he discovered the pump which stays under water had fried up. At that point the fish were okay and Jason was going to buy a new pump, no problems. So we thought...when i came downstairs hours later all the fish were dead except one little clown fish who was swimming slowly at the top. The pump either shocked them when it burnt up or it produced a chemical throughout the water that did them in. We were able to save the little clown fish after a trip to the fish store to buy more salt water and a stop at walmart for a smaller tank to put him in. Pump was under warranty, but as far as the hundreds of dollars in fish, which we can't afford to replace right now, well they are history. According to the man at the fish store, if we use the right chemicals we could have it up and running again in a few weeks. So we are now on our way to starting over. What a horrible way to start a Monday morning.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My very own Buzz Lightyear

Mason has recently discovered the movie Toy Story. For those who didn't already know, Disney puts their movies in a time capsule for a period of time. Well, that sucks when your almost 3 year old discovers a movie that you can't find at the story to buy. Luckily I know a few people who know a few people who were able to make me a copy from the one we rented at the movie store...Shhhh don't tell. I'm pretty sure we shouldn't have done that, but i would have paid for it if it was in the store to buy. Anyhow we also found these PJ's at Walmart. Mason LOVES them. I had to peel them off of him after a few days:) He loves to press the big red button and extend his arms as if he were flying, like in this picture. It cracks me up. I am only glad they don't make as many Toy Story toys as they do Cars toys:)

Mission Accomplished....Well Almost:)

So on top of it being Christmas and us having a new baby, we also moved upstairs the week after we got home from the hospital. Everything isn't exactly how I want it but for now it is working for us. I am also thinking of painting the furniture black...good idea or bad idea??? We have been looking for new furniture and can't seem to find anything we like or that doesn't scratch easily. Nanny bought this for me when i was in high school so it would be a little hard to get rid of and i love it just not the color:)

This is the room where the kids sleep at night, i have a lot of cleaning to do in there!

While Jason was off he had plenty to finish around the house, building out the closets was one of them. Here is my closet, I love it just can't seem to get enough time to get in there and finish organizing everything.

Jason's closet

And last but not least, Jason had done such a great job on our closets that i begged...yes begged him to do Mason's so I would have a place to store all of his toys. I love it!!!

Presents, Presents, and more Presents

From Santa Mason got a box of dress up things (for boys) and this was his favorite. He has enjoyed being a priate several times since christmas.

Christmas morning opening all the wonderful things Santa left:)

Santa and Xmas Eve

Christmas was extra busy around our house this year with a new baby, but so much fun:)

My two favorite guys, how could you not love a little face like that:)

Just love this little guy, he picked out these pj's all by his self, i think meme may have helped a little:)

He had just woke up from a nap and wasn't into Santa to much.

Daddy got glasses for the first time since middle school, so Mason felt as though he needed some also:)

More Khloe

Just a few more pics of Khloe and the boys...we are getting very little sleep but overall doing great:)