Friday, May 14, 2010


okay so i am about 2 weeks late but we have hit another milestone!!! After getting Khloe out of the bath and putting a diaper on her to avoid her from peeing on the floor which seems to happen alot i turned around to help Mason and felt Khloe up against my leg. When i turned around she had rolled over for the very first time and was laying against my leg :) How happy i was to have my camera sitting very close by. I don't think she liked it to much, she cried until i picked her up. Most of the time when she rolls over now she just cries:) I will be happy when she learns to roll over the other way! Nevertheless its times like this that remind me of how quickly she is growing:)

kiddies update :)

see ya soon!!!!!!!!

2 weeks ago we had to say good bye to some close friends. krystal and I have been friends since elementary thats a long time. We happened to have our kids close to the same time which has made for many playdates together. Krystal and her family have moved to Vegas to help start a church on the strip. We wish them the best of luck and can't wait to see them soon!!

Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking!!!! We had a good time but it was a little difficult to carry the bucket and Khloe's seat in one had and carry a crying 'totally over-it' Khloe in the other:)

My Mothers Day

All I wanted for Mothers Day was to do something fun with my family!! Having several rental properties, a house undergoing constant remodeling, and a husband who works 10-12 hour days there just isn't much time for the four of us. This makes me sad cause i know our kids will be grown before we know it and we will look back and wish we had "MADE" more time. So for mothers day i didn't want to "have to be" anywhere at any certain time. We let Mason pick what he wanted to do and the ZOO it was:) It was a little chilly and very crowded but nonetheless we had a good time as a family!!!

Flowers Flowers and more Flowers

They say hairdressers know all but so does your local florist. We know how many more times you send flowers to your girlfriend over your wife. We know when someone is in the hospital or has a baby and we know when someone has died. Guys come in to buy flowers when they mess up and for some reason they feel the need to share their stories with us. We know a lot!!!! We had more orders for mothers day than valentines day this year but not as much money was to be made. Many People spend a lot more on their girlfriends than they do their mothers....what a shame:)

THe wreath i made my mother in law for mothers red dining room wall doesn't look very good with it:)

The Buzz

Mason really wanted Daddy to cut his hair like his. So here it is. He did cry for it back that night when he was overly tired:)