Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paci Clips

Another item that has taken me forever to post. I saw these on a website, can't remember which one...I must get better about that!! I have a few more in the making. I do that i will use ribbon next time instead of fabric for the took much longer to make. But i just love how the flower hides the clip on the bottom, now if only Khloe actually used a paci :)

Thanks Grandaddy!!

Growing up we had 2 of these that we would eat at when we watched TV (I also saw my grandmother use it to put dishes away more than once). I am almost 30 yrs old and my mom still has one very similar to this at her house. I looked for one for Mason for a few years at craft shows and had no luck. Grandaddy thought he could make them and that he did!! They turned out GREAT!! Mason uses his all the time, and i am sure Khloe will one day:) On the front side they even have a name cool. Thanks Grandaddy these will be passed down to their kids one day!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Frog Baby Shower

Back in July I helped to throw a baby shower for Jason's Aunt who was having her 3rd little boy. Her theme is frogs:) Below are a few pictures from the shower: notice the trays on the table... i thought they added a little something to the table:) The diaper Cake is from her sister; however, I put it together. Below that is a close up of the trays and cupcake toppers. Cupcake Toppers are very easy to make with a few scrapbooking supplies. And last there is a picture of the favors I made. I finally figured out how to make my chocolate look smooth....vegetable oil:) I thought it turned out to be a very cute shower. Sorry it took so long to post....Baby Colton has already arrived and doing great!

Cute and Super Easy trays to make

So i found this idea on line and loved it...but can't remember where?? Sorry! I used these for a baby shower which i am getting ready to post pics of. I bought silver plastic trays from the dollar store 2 for $1 and painted them light green. I also bought 4 glass candle holders also from the dollar store and painted them blue. I then glued the candle holders to the center of the trays to create this. Tip: buy clear glue:) and i also primed everything. Stay tuned for the pics of them being used on the table....loved them and could see me making these in other colors for partys holidays ect.

Dress up

we were able to find a little fun during all the funeral stuff

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anyone out there?

Just wondering if I actually have people that read this?? I know there are a few of you and THANK YOU, but am I wasting my time....and boy I don't have very much of that to waste these So leave me some feedback if you will, just let me know someone out there is reading this. I only have two followers:(

Diaper Pouch

I made this a month or so ago and hadn't had the time to post it, so here it is!! Its very nice to grab this and go (wipes will also fit inside:)

Snack Time

look how big i am getting!!

Missing You

Well I will try not to get all sappy mostly to keep myself from crying, but here are a few pictures of my dad mostly with the grand kids. I always said he was a teacher, he never just did something he showed you how to do it. Since he passed I realized where the teacher part of me came from...not sure why it took this for me to realize. He would have been coming home next week just in time for our family vacation. I think about him so many times through out the day. I could have never imaged my life changing as much as it has in the past 3 years. But as my dad told me when my great grandmother died, as i watched them roll her body out of the house, it was her time gotta pick up and keep on going. I often think of that conversation we had, I can remember exactly where we were standing, and it brings a little comfort to the whole situation. Doesn't make it any easier just adds a little much needed comfort. Although I am so incredible thankful for the 29 years of support and love he gave me, I feel so robbed. I feel robbed of many many more memories we should have had together. I feel robbed of the relationship my kids will never have with him. He always believe family was number 1, it just sucks ours was shattered so early.

Vacation last year, teaching the grand kids to play pool
The only pic I have of my dad with Khloe

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pulling up

oh how we are growing!! Khloe is almost 8 months old, how time flys. I will admit i can not wait for her to be able to do a little more by herself; however, i know i will miss these days when they are gone:) I just love when she smiles so big that her eyes close....makes me melt!! On Tuesday when I took these pictures she was almost able to pull up on her crib (at least its being used for something haha) By Wednesday morning she had it!! She gets so proud of herself when she gets all the way up. She just smiles and giggles!! She is also starting to enjoy some of Mason's other toys we pulled out of the attic, the stage being her favorite. Enjoy the pictures below of our growing girl!!

rag quilt

I am soooo excited to show this quilt. I want to learn to "really" quilt but for now this will work. Its a rag quilt and it took me forever with a new baby. I made mine much large than most i have seen on the Internet but i wanted Khloe to be able to use it for a long time. It has already come in handy when we were outside at a birthday party. It was nice to have something thick and big to sit Khloe on to play! i found my flannel at a neat fabric store down at the beach and i just love the colors!! Now i have to finish Mason' might be a while.

the back side of the rag quilt

hooter hider

I have been told these are called hooter hiders, which cracks me up!! My girlfriend let me borrow hers one day at the pool, how nice it was not to have to make sure the blanket didnt fall off:) So i made one:) Mine final measurements are 24 x 34 This is gonna be soooo nice to have while we are on vacation. Pic taken by my 3 yr old...not to bad uhhh. Please excuse the fact i have no makeup on...just one less thing to do with 2 kids when you arent leaving the house