Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pulling up

oh how we are growing!! Khloe is almost 8 months old, how time flys. I will admit i can not wait for her to be able to do a little more by herself; however, i know i will miss these days when they are gone:) I just love when she smiles so big that her eyes close....makes me melt!! On Tuesday when I took these pictures she was almost able to pull up on her crib (at least its being used for something haha) By Wednesday morning she had it!! She gets so proud of herself when she gets all the way up. She just smiles and giggles!! She is also starting to enjoy some of Mason's other toys we pulled out of the attic, the stage being her favorite. Enjoy the pictures below of our growing girl!!


  1. These smiles brightened my day :). Thanks for sharing. Yes, I'm quite the comment queen today. LOL