Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Treats

Mason and i have been busy with Halloween treats. These were fun to make and sooooo simple. I bought the supplies needed from Michaels and have already purchased ones for christmas time:) More Halloween treat pictures to post, but now its almost time for trick-or-treating.
Not sure why the pictures are upside down and don't know how to fix them...Sorry!


We finally got around to carving the pumpkin. Mason was so excited until Jason cut open the top and he looked inside. Mason thought it was gross and refused to touch it or help scoop out the insides. Poor Daddy did this one all by himself. At one point Mason actually had gone back inside and was laying on the couch watching cartoons. However, when we put the candle in and it started to glow Mason was so excited and that made it completely worth it!! Hopefully Daddy will do this again next year:)

Remember These?

I remember these from my childhood. Mason loved making these....well at least the first two then he just ate his sucker and handed me all the ones he didn't like to wrap. When we were all done he asked if he could save one for his little sister:)

Our Front Yard

Our Halloween Decorations:
This is one year I could have skipped out on decorating the front yard. We just have so much going on with the remodel and baby coming but I knew Mason would enjoy it. So I sucked it up and we did have a good time doing it. Well here it is.

Pumpkin Patch

Every year one of our traditions is to go to Clark's Farm. This started years before Mason was born, however, it is more fun with him!! We pick out our pumpkins, hay, and corn to decorate the front yard (pics to come) We let Mason walk around to find one he liked (okay with a little guidence to make sure he gets one that mommy likes too!) Once he found one he liked we told him he had to carry it to the car. HAHA this was a little funny, he tried to pick it up, roll it, and even kick it. This is one tradition I hope we keep for a very long time!

It was just way to quiet!!

It was close to bedtime....okay maybe past it. I was on the computer and Mason was playing behind me. It got way to quiet, this is where I found him. Yes he is asleep! The blanket was over his face, so I did remove that before I went for the camera. To Cute!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Haunted House

The Holidays are always my favorite times of the the year. However, working in a florist makes it hard to truly enjoy them, which is why I think I always go all out for Halloween. Nobody sends flowers for Halloween. Mason and I have been doing Halloween crafts for a month now, but this is by far our biggest creation.. Our spooky house! I should have read the box a little more closely, it does say for 6 and up, but we managed to get through it with a lot of patience on my end:) It's not what the box pictures but as long as Mason gets to use his glue stick he is extremely happy! Mason is so proud of himself, now if I can just get him to stop pushing the door inside:)


I have had a little extra time on my hands and when the new Pottery Barn catalog came, I couldn't stop looking at all the centerpieces. Not your usual candle or flower arrangement but a collection of things. I thought this was a neat spin on a typical centerpiece, so using what I already had here is what I came up with. Can't wait til Christmas and even Mason's birthday:)

The dining room table

The fireplace

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkins, Ghost, Oh my

Meme invited us over for pizza and to help decorate the front yard for Halloween. The kids were more interested in chasing each other around the yard. As you can see they wore themselves out! The yard got decorated minus the mums, but with little help from the kids:)

The Ice Bag

I have been having some issues with my neck and lower back. Ice seems to really help my neck. On Monday morning we were up when Jason left for work around 6am. I hadn't been able to sleep well that night due to the pain. I asked Mason if he would ask Daddy to get me a bag with some ice in it. This is what Mason brought to me :) This is his ice out of his play kitchen, to darn cute!! Jason said he had no idea what Mason was doing, he did it all by himself. This is priceless!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tyler's 5th Birthday

Rain or Shine Tyler turned 5 with his friends today! Mason was so excited to go to Tyler's Party. Pinatas, Cake, Candy, Toys, and Friends none of which Mason gets to excited about it's the Birthday song that he loves.

The kids

The car didn't even work, but he still sat in it for a long time.

Until he found one that worked!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey, But Mason chose his shirt instead:)

There's always a pinata at the Abate Party's:) We had a great time, Mason was asleep before we could get out of the neighborhood.

And Paint Goes Up :)

Not yet done, but for the first time in years I feel like major progress is being made and we just might make our December deadline:) I have thought about the color scheme for years but when I had to actually go to the store and purchase the paint I just couldn't make up my mind. So here are the colors. The darker blue wall is where our bed will be centered.

Now this room was the trickiest. Anyone who has been to my house has probably notice I do not have a white room in my house and I just couldn't start now. But because this room is where Mason and the new baby will sleep I had to come up with something gender neutral. So green it is. Not exactly in love with the green like I am the blue but after I decorate with the dark colored woods of their beds I think I will love it...hope so anyways:) Now BACK to Lowes to pick out floors, hopefully that will start next weekend..Keeping my fingers crossed anyways!