Wednesday, November 17, 2010


here are a few Halloween pics of our family. every year we meet at my moms and trick or treat with friends. Khloe had the cutest mermaid costume that my mom finished about 2 hours before the party started:) and mason was his absolute favorite character Thomas the Train. The box got a little heavy half way around the neighborhood but he was a trooper with a few breaks:)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

beautiful babies

I can't believe how big my beautiful babies are getting!! I am very thankful for them and all the joy they bring to my life.

Pumpkin Patch

here are just a few pics of us at the pumpkin patch. i didnt get the jean skirt made but found one on clearance. Mason went to the pumpkin patch wanting a white pumpkin. i asked him how did you know there were white pumpkins, he said Michaels....hahaha i need to stay out of that store!!

Fall Wedding Flowers

I am sooo far behind in blogging so i will try to catch up fast:) I had the privilege of doing wedding flowers for the Hallmark/Martin wedding, childhood friends of mine, during the beginning of march. here are just a few snapshots of the flowers.... Fall wedding flowers are my favorite. i just love all the textures, berries and sticks.