Friday, October 16, 2009

Haunted House

The Holidays are always my favorite times of the the year. However, working in a florist makes it hard to truly enjoy them, which is why I think I always go all out for Halloween. Nobody sends flowers for Halloween. Mason and I have been doing Halloween crafts for a month now, but this is by far our biggest creation.. Our spooky house! I should have read the box a little more closely, it does say for 6 and up, but we managed to get through it with a lot of patience on my end:) It's not what the box pictures but as long as Mason gets to use his glue stick he is extremely happy! Mason is so proud of himself, now if I can just get him to stop pushing the door inside:)

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  1. Try these with Mason. They are VERY easy.....if I can do it he can do it!