Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished....Well Almost:)

So on top of it being Christmas and us having a new baby, we also moved upstairs the week after we got home from the hospital. Everything isn't exactly how I want it but for now it is working for us. I am also thinking of painting the furniture black...good idea or bad idea??? We have been looking for new furniture and can't seem to find anything we like or that doesn't scratch easily. Nanny bought this for me when i was in high school so it would be a little hard to get rid of and i love it just not the color:)

This is the room where the kids sleep at night, i have a lot of cleaning to do in there!

While Jason was off he had plenty to finish around the house, building out the closets was one of them. Here is my closet, I love it just can't seem to get enough time to get in there and finish organizing everything.

Jason's closet

And last but not least, Jason had done such a great job on our closets that i begged...yes begged him to do Mason's so I would have a place to store all of his toys. I love it!!!

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