Thursday, January 13, 2011

the gift of giving

I know it isn't about the amount of money you spend when you give a gift, it's more about the meaning of gift giving. But what do you give your mother for the first christmas her husband ,your father, isn't here any longer that means anything. You know the one thing she longs for and thinks about endlessly is absolutely impossible. When the pain is written across her face and there isn't anything you can do for it. What do you get that person, what gift would mean anything to them?
As if shopping for my mother isn't hard enough, this year I had to try every harder! I asked her for a few pictures she really liked of my dad. When their wedding picture was in the stack, inspiration wasn't hard to find. My mother has always had a love for anything victorian. A trip to the scrapbook store for a few odds and ends, a raid of my mothers button stash (which I cut the plastic backs off of) and a little lace from my great grandmothers sewing stuff (dipped in tea for color) and a blank canvas, well this is what you get:

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