Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas pictures

Christmas went better than i had expected without my father.  I know everyone was thinking of him constantly, I sure did.  My dad wasn't much for spending money or having a bunch of things he didn't need..he lived by "less is more" which i guess my mother helped to balance him out some:)  Years ago we started calling him The Grinch, even the grand kids.  Throughout the years he started to receive Grinch gifts, ornaments, stuffed animals, underware,ect.  It was super hard to see these things as they were unpacked and placed where they would have been if he were still here, but i am glad they were.  Anyways i could go on and on but I will stop here to explain the pictures. 
 Check out Khloe's Christmas leggings, I just love how these turned out.  I think she wore them every other day:)

Yes i scaled down from last year

Check out those eyelashes

 Mason wont just smile, it's always a funny face.  He is such a character!
Kissing cousin Leah

My youngest brother

 My younger brother and Leah
 Another one of his faces
mom and bub

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