Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kelly Made

I haven't mentioned this yet so here goes. My mom sold her flower shop of 16 years. Its very bitter sweet but for the very best. She had wanted to get rid of it for the last several years and well with everything else that has happened lately it just needed to be done. Wish I was saying good bye to super late nights on the holidays and early mornings with feet that hurt so bad and a house that goes completely ignored and takes two weeks to get caught back up... but instead i am working for them. Anyways the girls who have it now are also selling handmade gifts. So of course I thought why not:) Here is a picture of my little tags. I thought I needed a name and this is what i came up with...what can i say i am sleep deprived. Also here are the first few items I have for sale at the shop bibs and a paci clip. Yea!!! I have several other items started just not finished. Hopefully i will sell a few items to help support my crafting addiction on a very tight budget:) It's so hard to make things to sell when you have little ones, so yes i make two of each :)

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  1. Kelly these are really cute! Have you ever been to You can have your on online store and sell handmade goods.