Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Love You

It has been hard to start blogging again. One month ago today i lost my father unexpectedly. Unfortunately he had been working out of town for the past 5 months and i had not been able to see him. He would call often and ask... you updated that computer thing of yours? Which always made me laugh, i would remind him it was called a blog and knew i must find time to get on the computer if for no other reason than for him. For the past several years he has worked out of town a lot prior to blogging i use to send pictures through ritz camera to a location near him and he would pick them up but since sept i was able to put pics up (mostly of his grandchildren)on here for him. Although my dad could be rough around the edges, family was sooo important to him and he would do anything for us, i know he truly enjoyed being able to see updated pics of his grand babies even if he never said so. So it has been difficult to start this blog because normally i would call him when i was finished and let him know to take a look when he got a chance:) and as always we would end our conversation with "I LOVE YOU" I am lucky to have had a father as great as he was, I just wish i had the chance to tell him that!!!


  1. Hey Kelly

    It's Amy Satterfield (Itnyre) from down the street. I heard about your Dad when I was home visiting my parents a couple of weeks back. I'm very sorry that he passed and your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I know he was thrilled to have such cute grandkids. If you remember, my DAd is the same way, but secretly loves his grandbaby too! Thinking of you in this difficult time.